Spy mode is a mode where models can manually remove themselves from Public Shows and shown in the Spy Shows section. This can be used when the models need to be in a virtual private mode and do not wish for the show to be in public view and it is a way to earn extra money.

Here's how to enable Spy Mode:

  1. Go to Settings and Privacy and make sure to select a price for your Spying Pricing.
  2. Start your broadcast.
  3. Select Spy mode.
  4. Confirm by clicking Switch to Spy Mode.
  5. When you wish to return back to Public View then click End Spy Mode.

Remember that visitors want to spy on the real show in this mode therefore try to not deceive their expectations. Models found using this mode while they are away from the camera will be blocked for 7 days without a warning.

In addition users who spy you they cannot write back, so do not try to write to them and wait for an answer. 


Spy mode price range from 4-44 Tokens per minute and if you do not wish to use the spy mode you can select "Don't do".