There are Grey, Green, ex-Green and Gold users on the site. You will see each username in a color associated with his user type. In short, this is what you need to know:

  • Grey - Users on the site who have not bought tokens yet. So here's your chance to convince them that they should tip you! (And once they do, they're almost forever yours. Remember, communication is key!)
  • Green - Users who HAVE tokens in their account and tip models. Greens cannot be banned by Knights (Gold members).
  • ex-Green - Users who used to be Green, but ran out of tokens. Ex-Green users have an empty account. You should convince them to buy tokens again to be able to tip you for favors. 
  • Gold - Users who pay a monthly subscription and are generally considered to be heavy tippers. ONLY Gold members can be KNIGHTS! Knights can ban Greys for 24 hours. Gold users can also send you Private Messages, so check your inbox regularly!

You can also learn more about each user type on our Main Page.