General rules

  • All models must be 18+ years old.
  • The model's identity should comply with the ID documents provided to the site.
  • The published profile and cover image must correspond to the broadcasting model(s).
  • All images and videos uploaded must only be of the registered model(s).
  • Images posted on your profile should not contain watermarks, messages, logos or other superimposed elements (unless copyright protects such elements and you are the legal and actual owner of rights).

Broadcasting rules

  • Models can only broadcast on one account at the same time.
  • All broadcasts must be live. Video recordings and static photos are not allowed to be broadcasted and/or advertised as live streaming. Violators will be banned and have all outstanding earnings withheld and all past earnings deducted from the studio (if one is involved).
  • When online, you must have your microphone turned on and communicate with your visitors.
  • Before you start your broadcast make sure to select the appropriate type of show based on participants (Female, Male, Couple, etc), Profile information (Public place/Outdoors, Office, Pregnant) and “tags of what you are willing to offer on your show” must match the content of the broadcast. Failure to select the appropriate attributes may result in warnings or even termination of the broadcast.
  • It is forbidden to walk out of the broadcast for more than a few seconds without informing the chat visitors about your planned absence. If you want to log out of the broadcast session for any reason, go offline beforehand.

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